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Wise Innovation Project

Re-imagining Innovation Education

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WI Courses

Executive Decelerator Program - High-touch service for those who have accelerated. Focus on healing, repair, unlearning, purpose, lifestyle transition, storytelling, accountability. Contact us.

ReMembering Silicon Valley - virtual course to get to the real roots of the problem with eco-theologist Rev Sara Wolcott of Sequoia Samanvaya. What mindsets and worldviews led to today’s innovation culture?

WI Events

Initiatory Experience - Experiential learning journey with Headwaters School and HYPE, for innovators to cultivate intimacy and accountable to the whole.

Integration Circles - IRL/virtual events and activities to support real change following transformational experiences. Safe, trusted place for navigating tensions and transitions.

WI Research

Translating Traditions - What guidance do major religious and spiritual traditions offer to modern innovators?

Overhauling Innovation Education - Analyze and propose upgrades for innovation education across K-12, higher ed, & startup ecosystem.

WI Incubator

Wise Innovation Calendar - In collaboration with Zebras Unite, developing a new calendar and rituals for organizations to find greater alignment with natural cycles and each other.

Soul-cial Media - Build-in-the-open (via novel SWI process) a new tab desktop browser extension that gently delivers nourishment throughout screen experience.


🕊️ Vision

See two pager here.

The process for bringing ideas into the world is begging for re-imagination. How do we innovate in ways that don’t reproduce the conditions that nourish the tendencies that got us here?
Human development is the elephant in the room when it comes to calls for responsible innovation. What is the adequate training for innovators to be fit to wield powerful innovations?
This emergent ecosystem lacks a coherent vision, infrastructure, and resourcing. What is this moment calling for?

Population Served

  • Primary: Maturing Innovators. Founders and mid to senior-level leaders in critical junctures of their development. Asking deeper questions, growing psycho-spiritual orientation, feeling obligated and/or motivated to take next steps on their journey towards greater alignment.
  • Secondary: Next Gen Innovators. High school and university students hungry for more.

Intended Impact

  • Movement actualizes w/ critical mass of innovators trained, speaking, acting from new paradigm
  • Engineering and business schools worldwide transform curriculum
  • Nations adopt wise innovation as economic policy (e.g. Zebras Unite x Japan)
  • High profile leaders publicly decelerating, reallocating resources and efforts
  • Wise Innovation stakeholder empowered in C Suite, Board, investment firms & accelerators
  • Transformational media regularly circulating


  • Vibes: See below, and please feel free to “vibe check” SWI at any time.
  • Location: Online first. IRL events in Bay Area, New York, retreat centers.
    • Seeking funding to create the first physical wisdom school for technologists.
  • Integrity: Modeling wise and responsible innovation in the process.
  • Bridge: Playing pollinator / weaver role in the ecosystem. Seeking guidance from and being in relationship to diverse range of people and perspectives across disciplines.




🔥 Team

  • Co-founder Andrew Dunn, former Innovation Lead at Center for Humane Technology
    • Humane tech founder and thought leader, vision doula, bridge weaver
    • Distinct voice, deceleration story, entrepreneurial, nurturing vision for years, key relationships in place with world class new-paradigm experts
    • Intended role: Holding vision, creative direction, wisdom sourcing/curation, ecosystem relationships, mentorship, matchmaking, org culture, storytelling, R&D, learning > teaching. Part-time, because working full-time on this would be insanity 😅
  • Held by an orbit of wise and responsible humans and innovators who are exploring best forms of collaboration
  • Welcoming partnership on:
    • Operations, development, org management
    • Pedagogy and instructional design
    • Design and media production
    • Distribution and community of practice facilitation
    • Interested in partnering or volunteering? Get in touch.


🙏 Get Involved


School of Wise Innovation is fiscally sponsored by HAPPI - on a mission to cultivate healthy communities and cultures that help people and planet prosper.

You can support this early phase of our mission by making a contribution here 🥹

Donations are tax-deductible. You can give via credit card, Venmo, Paypal, Bank, even stocks and crypto. Forwards and intros to potential funders are deeply appreciated too.


Welcoming advice and ideas on building an educational institution in this unique intersection of business and spirituality. See two pager here. Reflections and ideas welcomed!


We are welcoming support on a number of activities. See list here.


I’ve setup a HyLo - a more humane tech community platform.


Who else needs to know about SWI? What communities and teams are hungry for this? Who else is working on wisdom schools for technologists?

Wise Innovation Library
WI Incubator
Embodied Ethics in The Age of AI
Volunteer Opportunities