Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Please get in contact if you would like to support any of the following actives:

  • Making Art
  • WI Ecosystem Mapping - Document organizations and online communities that are active in or adjacent to this space.
  • Explore “New Stack” Options - What tools and processes are most efficient and aligned for a startup nonprofit?
  • Library Research - Build out database (retreats, programs, service providers, etc) and methodology for vetting
  • Exemplar Research - Find examples of founders who are role modeling wise innovation. Create template for those stories to be shared and promoted.
  • Fundraising Research - Identify foundations, grants, donors who might be interested in supporting SWI
  • Audience Research - Design survey, conduct interviews into real needs of "maturing innovators"
  • Cultural Sensemaking - Assess and periodic updates of changing memetic landscape in Silicon Valley
  • Respond to LinkedIn Inbounds - Hundreds of inbounds in last year, little capacity to engage
  • LinkedIn Marketing - Guidance on how to make the most of this platform
  • Student Outreach - Build bridges to high school and college students